me, every night: i've hit a new low

don’t let my sullen appearance tell you something different, i LOVE sitting alone in the dark on my bed eating microwaved rice at 3AM

me: *gets sad about one thing*
me: *proceeds to get sad about everything bad that has happened to me in the last year*
me: nice
who’s ready to stay up for the next few hours in bed in the dark looking up at the ceiling wishing you could escape your weird queer body
me: *is uncomfortable all the time*
me: im uncomfortable all the time
me: i love to have fun though
me: *has fun while being uncomfortable*


vik and i are very gay because we are in love and the same gender and that’s how gay works

gay: me and val in love because we are Same Gender and also perfect, val is perfect and i love them, did you know i am gay


the gang’s all here

here we are

The Mountain Goats - Black Pear Tree
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i saw the future in a dream last night
somebody’s gonna get hurt

somebody’s gonna get hurt

i hope it’s not me

but i suspect it’s going to have to be

 - Pop punk bands saying "friends"
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Pop punk bands saying “friends”

I got hit by a bike when I was crossing the street on my home from work and now the entire right side of my body is horribly bruised :~) great day :~) shoutout to Soren sleepyfiend for bringing me to the ER for the second time this year


The shot heard round the world.



has anyone posted bup stop yet

it’s yard sard all over again

don’t be nasty, please remember to floss