i really hate that i have to say this but, i have been deleting the questions i have been asked regarding the emotional and sexual abusers that i used to be friends with. please stop sending me these, as even though i do not discuss it on here that does not mean i have not been sexually abused and emotionally manipulated by more than three people that i used to trust. i am very vulnerable and in a state where i am trying to heal from years of this stuff, and the unfortunate reality i have found myself in. i am not in a mental place where i am capable to answer any questions and i’d really appreciate it if everyone respected that. and if you are anyone who thinks you may have hurt me, you probably did, and stay away from me. thanks

my memoir is gonna be titled “please, I know it looks like I have a camel toe but I don’t, I am weirdly proportioned and these pants fit my legs perfectly but starting at the crotch, they are two sizes too big, thus causing a weird sagging feature that is only mildly fixed by my belt”

there were four people supposed to workshop their final paper outlines in my morning class today and out of seventeen students… four of us showed up…. but not the four who were supposed to present… so the four of us and the professor just hung out the whole time and talked about podcasts and gave advice and hung out. more than seven people haven’t showed up to class in like a month but me and these two other kids are there every single damn class so the three of us and our professor are best friends now. he’s cool and i’m pissed that no one shows up. wake up america, this is news

three things: 

1. my dad just figured out it’s both 420 and easter so he keeps laughing to himself and whispering “high holy mass”

2. look at how cool my hair is fading

3. look at how flippin cool my bathing suit is

florida is so pretty wtf

i also called myself “ol’ vickles” to my therapist the other week. it gets worse. the context was me saying “y’know, ol’ vickles has gotten themself into alotta trouble these last few days.” it doesn’t get better, kids.

i’m in florida and approximately one hour ago i jumped into the pool and realized coming up from underwater that i had forgotten to take off my glasses

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to the airport and in the second pic my cat had just farted

who let bob dylan make a christmas album

i used to get so pissed as a kid when people confused leopards and cheetahs. i also thought the word excited was spelled esidid 

i’ve been smilin’ big for the last ten minutes over how much vanilla extract there is in my kitchen. it’s the little things, man. chill and smell some vanilla 

where can a dude get a pair of moonshoes around here?

there are two shows on the food network where the premise is a competition where someone cooks against bobby flay that dude is really craving validation of his superiority 

is homestuck real? i can hear a large group of motorcycles on the street even though my room is the farthest in my apartment from the street, why are they so loud? i have a lot of questions mom, and they need answering.

i got cat called twice in within an hour of going out last night and ran into two kids i knew in high school while wine drunk in washington sq park and despite going to bed after 2am for the third night in a row after hanging with a variety of people i was really close with from 2008-2011 i also woke up at 9am for the third day in a row this weekend has been weird and if it was a sitcom episode the title would be “blast from the past”